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Here is a brief tutorial about websites, domain names, and domains....read on!

Domains are the web address for a website, also called the URL.  Names like godaddy.com, yahoo.com, google.com, rmco.net, are all domains, or to be more precise, they are the domain names for a domain, which is the website.

To have a website you need to register the name you want for your website with a Registar company, such as Godaddy.com, Network Solutions, Hover.com and so on.

Then you need a hosting service for your website.  One of the above can host it, as well as be the registar for the domain name or you can use another service to host it.  Mac's Web Services offers this.

Then, it is time to design and build the website.  This can be done, these days, with several of the "Templated" kind of services where you can just select one of the templates offered by some of the hosting services to use as your design, and then use their system to edit it to have your content on it.  These can be pretty nice but are usually limited as to the flexibility in contenct, arrangement and control of the pages.

You can also go to the expense of buying website software and design and build your own. This is never as easy as it sounds, but it is an option.

The alternative to this is to have a company like us to custom design the site or even utilize a template but with the skills to "make" the template do what you want it to do.

Most of the time, money and cost is the deciding factor.  But there are a couple of things to keep in mind that are important to consider.
1.  How much will you be depending on your website to bring you business?
2.  How will you know the necessary technology to make it all work as it should?
3.  Are you knowledgable about the "back end" things needful for search engines to find you and post you in their databases?
4.  And the the big one.  Do you really have the time to invest in design, construction, and especially maintaining the website to keep it current?

Before you decide on which way to go, why don't you just give us a call and see what options we have available for you?
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